10 Apr 2012



Working with Directors Tom & Tabitha and Aldene Johnson Florence’s stylist, we created the set and costume for Florence & the Machine‘s Cosmic Love Music Video. In order to create the cosmic feeling we created an orange rotating forest, an infinity room, with lots of flickering hand painted light bulbs, and finally the light up dress. Her other outfit was designed by Hannah Marshall It was a wonderful experience working on this project as everyone involved did an incredible job.
To see the project in the portfolio click here

Florence in the infinity room in a Hannah Marshall catsuit

The rotating trees in action

This is the under layer of lights and electrics

the final layer of tule to diffuse the light

Final checks florence in the dress

Florence through the monitor

we suspended 50 coloured light builbs in a hexagonal mirror room to create an infinity space

Florence emerging from the rotating orange forest

Florence & the Machine in the forest

Florence ready to go

the painted light bulbs

Natalie Oldham putting the finishing touches to the rotating trees

Setting up the orange forest

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