17 Jun 2010

F+TM Poster

Radio One's Big Weekend

Revealing some of the backstage gossip was Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman, who said:

"Sunday was a beautiful day. Dizzee was wondering round with his top off and his crew were having a kick around with Florence and her Machine and MGMT. Florence hadn't realised how much talent she has on the football field, so it might be something she'll expand on in the future!"

Florence Welch revealed she was staying in a hotel in Conwy.

"I went for a walk yesterday in a graveyard and a black cat stared at me for five minutes," she said. "Absolutely stood still and stared at me and I really don't know if that's a good omen or a bad omen for tonight!"

And it wasn't only cats who were keeping an eye on Florence. "I woke up, castle to my left, bingo hall to my right, opened the curtains and people in the building opposite were waving at me! I was in my dressing gown and actually screamed!

"So cheers, whoever you are, and thank you for the morning wave."


The Gang Gang Dance/Florence and the Machine Connection

Take a listen to the very beginning of Florence and the Machine's song "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)". Now listen to Gang Gang Dance's "House Jam" at about the one minute mark.

Sound similar? Gang Gang Dance sure think so. So much so, in fact, that they pursued Florence's team to give them a share of the song's publishing royalties-- and Florence agreed, saying it was a mistake not to have credited them in the first place.

You won't find Gang Gang Dance listed in the liner notes for the song's single or for Florence's album Lungs, though. The song was released without Gang Gang Dance's knowledge. It wasn't until the band saw the "Rabbit Heart" video and noticed the similarity themselves that they took action. When the issue was brought to Florence's label's attention, "They did acknowledge the infringement and said that they were aware of it," according to Warp, Gang Gang Dance's publisher.

Florence's camp claims it was a mistake that Gang Gang Dance's credit was left off of the first run of albums. Florence herself says, "Yeah that's true, it's no secret. I've spoken about it in interviews before. I'm a massive fan of Gang Gang Dance and it was in homage to them."


Now, Gang Gang Dance are set to make money off of "Rabbit Heart". And with Florence and the Machine's profile rising every day (Lungs recently topped the UK album chart and won the BRIT Award for British Album of the Year), that could be quite a payoff.

15 Jun 2010

Welch Breaks Down After 'Concert Grope'

British singer FLORENCE WELCH broke down in tears on stage and was escorted away by security at a gig last week (05Jun10) after she was allegedly groped while crowd surfing.

The Florence and the MAChine frontwoman dived into the audience near the end of her set at the University of Leeds Summer Ball in England on 4 June (10).

But she was left shaken after one fan grabbed her, causing her to scream out before she was pulled back on stage sobbing, reports Britain's Sunday Express.

A student who was at the gig tells the publication, "Florence was on the barrier and she crowd-surfed, screamed and got pulled back up."

A representative for the university students’ union, Tom Salmon, adds, "Whether contact was deliberate or accidental as she was passed over people’s heads we have not been able to determine."

Welch did not report the alleged incident to police.

You Got The Dirtee Love on CD

You Got The Dirtee Love is featured on Dizzee Rascal's deluxe edition of Tongue 'n' Cheek along with Heavy which Florence said a mash-up with Heavy In Your Arms was coming soon. Buy it at HMV here.

14 Jun 2010

Heavy In Your Arms "Behind the Scenes" pic


DDAO Fashion

The shoes on Flo in the DDAO (2010) video are made by John Galliano, I believe that the backing dancers' shoes are also by Galliano, but I can't find any close-up pics of the shoes.

11 Jun 2010

Florence Daily Merch

We have now opened a shop! At the moment I have uploaded one design but I shall do some more creative ones and some more slogan ones. Check out the shop here!

Flo in Fabulous Magazine

Thanks to Kamran Khan.

Falling Star

Hi dogdaysareover!
My name is Bryant. I'm a pop singer from Boston, MA. I would love to get your input on a new song of mine "Falling Star..." which samples Florence's "Cosmic Love."

You can hear the track here:


Right now I'm trying to get as much feedback from super Flo fans as possible.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks for you time in advance!


Falling Star by bryantjames

F+TM Shirt

Currently at Urban Outfitters they are selling a F+TM shirt for £32, buy it here.

It looks a bit like the shirt on sale at the Flotique.

5 Jun 2010

Cosmic Love 7" Tracklisting

A. Cosmic Love
B. Cosmic Love (IsaMachine + LexxxRemix)


F+TM New Song

Here is the new song from F+TM Heavy In Your Arms which is featured in the latest Twilight Soundtrack.

You can pre order the album at the following places:
Official Soundtrack Site