30 Sep 2009

Cos Music Issue

Pic of Flo used in Cos: Music Issue. All I know if anyone has a better quality version of this or a scan please share! x



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29 Sep 2009


Today is Florence's Dad's Birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Florence will be giving him a shout out tonight at her concert in London, which is also her last performance of this tour.

Look what Flo got..


Florence has been given a Platnum Disc for her album Lungs! Mairead gave it to her in the hotel toilet as a homeage to their first "ladies loo rendezvous".


"You've Got the Love (Jamie xx Rework ft. The xx)"

"Rising British band the xx give the remix treatment to Florence and the Machine's latest harp-accented UK single from this year's Lungs. On this version of "You've Got the Love", a track best known in a version by The Source and Candi Staton, the xx handle most of the vocals while keeping the production typically spare. So it's like a remix/cover of a cover (of a track that was originally a mash-up) and it's definitely worth a listen."

Download Here! (Right click, Save Target as)

28 Sep 2009

Flo GIFs

Another few Florence GIFs from Heart Party, P.s thanks for the link back ;]

Flo In Live Magazine

26 Sep 2009

Lovebox 2009

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From RockInsider

F+TM at Wireless

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She is: Florence Welch, a 22-year-old bohemian art school drop-out. The album attempts to capture her joyous, effervescent live shows.

Form guide: Won the Brit Award for Critics' Choice, given to the most promising rising star, in February.

Random fact: Was discovered drunkenly singing Motown hits in a nightclub toilet.

NB: All figures are entirely unscientific.

To listen to all of the above artists in a Spotify playlist, click here You will need a Spotify account, which is free and publicly available in the UK.

The album: Lungs, released by Island Records on 8 July.

Killer tracks: Dogs Days Are Over, Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Kiss With a Fist.

Typical lyric: "The stars, the moon, they've all been blown out. You left me in the dark. No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight, in the shadow of your heart." Cosmic Love

Flo & Pete Doherty Cover Folsom Prison

Flo's iTunes Playlist

25 Sep 2009

Florence in Teen Vogue

Florence Collages

Find them in this post!


On tour with the XX.. Just bought album on viynl offically there biggest fan! In manchester tonight

Dermot O'Leary

Again not great quality.

Cosmic Love
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Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
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24 Sep 2009

Totally Random

4Music brings you some totally random facts and, if we're honest, the odd bit of speculation about Florence and the Machine...

Florence is known as Flo to her friends

The colourful singer quotes her Dad as her biggest influence

If she had to go back in time Florence would try out the decadent 1920s

The fiery redhead describes herself as a ‘real geek’ and loves reading

It’s rumoured that Florence was discovered singing in a nightclub toilet – so there’s hope for all of us then!

On hearing she’d won the Critics Choice BRIT Award she said “Blimey a BRIT Award wowtheworldsgoneweird” and about attending the awards “I'll be the one trying to get off with Katy Perry and passed out next to Leona Lewis.”

Her Mum would rather she was at University or got a ‘real job’ (sound familiar?)

The style icon takes a trunk of clothes on tour, previously full of charity shop and vintage, but fame now means it also includes a designer freebie or two

Florence writes her best songs when she’s drunk or has a hangover

‘The Machine’ is flexible – it can be just Florence and a drum kit or a piano, but right now it’s a seven-piece band

The fearless eccentric’s energetic stage performances have included diving into a paddling pool and crowd surfing in a chain-mail dress (ouch!).

She's the achingly fashionable singer from Florence And The Machine. To me she's just the Daffy Diva... but I am her dad

Most parents will be familiar with the experience of being ignored by their teenage offspring. Tormented by my daughter's incessant loud singing around the house, I've lost count of the number of times I pleaded: 'For God's sake, Florence, please put a sock in it.'
Of course, she didn't take a blind bit of notice. Just as well, really. My daughter is Florence Welch, of Florence And The Machine.
She is 22, lauded as the next big thing and her debut album Lungs has been sitting at No2 in the charts, behind the late Michael Jackson.
She has won the Critics' Choice Award at the Brits and was this week nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. She's even been on Radio 4's Woman's Hour, for goodness sake, not to mention Jonathan Woss.
This has all happened in the space of a couple of years, and it takes some getting used to.
Florence was born into an Anglo-American middle-class family. Her mother, Evelyn, is an American art historian and I worked in advertising. We lived in South London, we took holidays in Cornwall.
There was music in the house and there were books. There were performers and musicians on both sides of the family. I took Florence and her younger sister Grace to violin lessons (ouch) but it wasn't their passion.
Because of her mother's work, Florence did have an early exposure to Renaissance painting, which may have had an influence on the somewhat visceral world view expressed in her lyrics. As a child, she was particularly fascinated by Mantegna's Circumcision Of Christ, and by various paintings of the martyrdom of St Agatha, who had her breasts cut off.
Florence, always a difficult sleeper, was often as an infant encouraged to nod off by being wheeled around the sitting room in a pushchair to the accompaniment of loud music.
Her earliest subliminal influences include The Smiths (whom she found highly soporific) and Syd Barrett (less so). We also tried works by The Soft Machine, REM, The Go-Gos.
One evening a few years ago when I was passing Florence's bedroom I heard her shouting out: 'That's amazing, I'm having a bloody epiphany.'
I poked my head around the door and saw her sitting on the bed with a huge pair of headphones on. She had, it appeared, just listened for the first time to Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit.
People have asked whether there was a moment when I realised that Florence had a gift. There was. It happened during a performance of Bugsy Malone at her school, Alleyn's, in Dulwich. Florence was ten or 11 and she was playing the lead female part of Blousey Brown.
At school productions, parents are usually interested only in the efforts of their own offspring, but when Florence sang, the whole audience was suddenly fully engaged. I remember thinking: 'Cripes, she's got a voice - this is serious.'
It wasn't just her perfect pitch - she had the essence of phrasing and timing which makes a good singer great.
On the basis of her phenomenal performance she was co-opted to sing a rather obscure and difficult Gilbert And Sullivan song at my father's memorial service at St Bride's in Fleet Street in 1997.
My father, Colin, was a journalist and satirist who had been deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph and a parliamentary sketchwriter for the Daily Mail, so the great and good of Fleet Street were there. Florence sang brilliantly in front of scores of weeping crumblies.
After this she became something of a fixture at funerals. When I recently gave her a hard time about the dark quality of her lyrics - the first song she wrote was called My Boy Builds Coffins - she said: 'You made me sing at funerals. What do you expect?'
Florence spent her later teenage years in a mysterious group called the Toxic Cockroaches. Her mother and I, by now divorced, probably did not pay enough attention.
Having won a place at Camberwell School Of Art, she sang with a band called Ashok.
On one occasion she called me from Greenwich, angling for a lift home. Her band, she said, weren't there but there were some others around who she might play with. I turned up and watched her sing two songs, which were phenomenal.
No, she said afterwards, she hadn't rehearsed. No, she had had no idea what she was going to sing when she got on stage. This stunned me then and still stuns me now.
Florence and her bandmates were 'spotted' by an old-school music manager and there was talk of a contract. 'Don't sign anything until we've had a chance to have a look at it,' we implored. 'Yeah, yeah,' said Florence - and went ahead and signed it.
That's where it all could have gone off the rails. She was 19 and miserable, in the wrong band, life signed away, career over before it had begun. Despite my misgivings, I became a bit of a rock dad, and phoned a friend who was a music lawyer.
It turned out the contract was only binding on Florence as part of the band, so all she had to do was resign. After that we paid a bit more attention.
Florence engaged her present manager, Mairead Nash, one half of the achingly fashionable Queens Of Noize club night promoters, by trapping her in a club washroom and singing an Etta James song at full volume. Their partnership has worked pretty well so far.
Once established in her own right, and aided and abetted by Mairead and the 'thunderous' Machine, Florence's progress has been swift and spectacular.
Last year I was the one driving Florence and a two-man Machine around Europe in her stepmum's camper van, following in the wake of the MGMT (another popular band) tour bus - all for the princely sum of €75 a gig.
This year it is a professional driver, Florence, a five-piece Machine and a road crew in their own tour bus.
I still go to some gigs, but my small part in this drama is, to a great extent, over. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my early days as de facto tour manager are a great source of envy to my fifty-something chums who would give their eye teeth for the chance to go 'on the road' with a band, man.
There are, of course, alarming aspects to the whole thing. I have witnessed Florence clambering up the gantry at Glastonbury in 6in heels and I have seen her being passed around the audience at a gig with Pete Doherty.
Indeed, I shared a light ale or two with the rock and roll Rimbaud and found him to be quite charming, if a trifle vague. I must admit, though, a report that he had proposed to Florence earlier in the evening did cause a momentary attack of the vapours.
It is all exciting. But a word of warning to any potential pop stars and their parents: it is also expensive. Florence has received reasonable advances, but had to use them to pay for a lot of the band's running costs.
Florence will, we hope, make some money, but only if she sells a lot of CDs and gets film tie-ins - and after she has repaid her advances.
I may have to wait for quite a while for that bungalow in Weybridge that all rock stars seem to buy for their parents.
The fact that Florence has become public property can invade one's life and conversation. We do have evenings within her extended family where all mention of the 'daffy diva', as I call her sometimes, is forbidden.
Her sister Grace is at Sussex University, and so is able to get away from the all-embracing tsunami that Florence's life has become.
Florence's 15-year-old brother, JJ, thinks it's all pretty cool, and finds the connection with a pop star a good way to develop conversations with girls.
I do occasionally feel a twinge of unease about this whole extraordinary thing, and I remember the first time I felt it. It was more than a year ago and Florence was playing a gig in an inexplicably fashionable joint in Hoxton, Hackney.
Practically every A&R man in London was there. As I watched Florence putting her heart and soul into the performance, I glanced round at the audience.
There were the fans, wild-eyed and transported by the experience. And there were the A&R men, with quiet, thoughtful faces. They weren't here to enjoy themselves, they were taking care of business, and the business was my daughter. That's just the way it is - no worse than any other business, but it was a sobering thought.
It was also at this gig that one of the A&R men who knew that I was Florence's father turned to me with a quizzical expression as she launched into another of her perverse, Gothic tales of death, dismemberment, and bloody revenge.
'I know what you're thinking,' I shouted, 'but I can assure you she had a perfectly normal upbringing.'

Ye Olde Hope (Live Rehearsal)

To download the audio of a live rehearsal of Ye Olde Hope, click here!

Florence Chart news (Week: 21-27/09/2009)

Lungs has gone up 2 places, making it now at number 10 in the album charts.

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) has gone up 4 places, making it now at number 53 in the singles charts.

Drumming song has gone up 37 places, making it now at number 54 in the singles charts.

You've Got The Love has gone up 24 places, making it now at number 62 in the singles charts.

Now That's What I Call Music: 73 is number 1 in the Compilation charts, this album features Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up).

Florence with Dermot O'Leary

Here is a download for Flo's recent interview with Dermot. The quality isn't great and it includes all of Rabbit Heart and most of Cosmic Love, couldn't finish it sorry, but I shall try and get the rest.

Glasgow 02 ABC

With thanks to amd at the official F+TM Forum!

To see more click here!

Kiss With A Fist

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

You've Got The Love

Florence In Last Week's Grazia

I know I've already posted about Flo being in last week's Grazia, but I forgot to scan this bit.

23 Sep 2009

Florence And The Machine, Editors for London Little Noise Sessions

Florence And The Machine, Editors, Mika, Lostprophets and The Maccabees are among the acts set to play Mencap Little Noise Sessions in London in November.

The gigs, which will be acoustic and are organised to raise awareness and money for the Mencap charity, will take place in the London Union Chapel venue from November 16.

The Mencap Little Noise Sessions line-up is:

Editors, Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club, Everything Everything (November 16)
Mika, Paloma Faith (18)
Lostprophets, The Blackout (20)
Taio Cruz with Tinchy Stryder (21)
Florence And The Machine, Golden Silvers (22)

See Littlenoisesessions.org.uk for ticket information. More acts are set to be announced soon.

See Florence And The Machine play at an O2 Venue. Remember if you're on O2 you can get Priority Tickets to The O2 and O2 Academy venues up to 48 hours before they go on general release. Register at o2.co.uk/priority. Terms apply.

My Mix

Check out my Drumming Song Mix, I am entering for the Competition by scrolling down the page, and looking out on the right hand-side.

Remix 'Drumming Song' and win signed Artwork

Head over to Florence's MySpace page now and you can try out your budding remix skills on the brand new single.

Thanks to the GoMix widget and The Music Studio you can now sculpt 'Drumming Song' into whatever exciting new shape you see fit.

Click here to release your creative urge and start remixing now.

What's more, the very best remix - as chosen by Florence herself - will win signed 'Lungs' album artwork.

Closing date for entries is 30th September. Click here for full details of the competition now.


22 Sep 2009

New Feature!

You can now translate the blog, as easily as pressing a button!

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Handbag.com Interview

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Florence on Beat